March 3, 2020

Never fall for these ads

By admin

It’s hard to go anywhere on the internet without encountering some of these ads for products to produce “enhancements”. The English language is a wonderful tool for describing something indirectly. Pity the poor marketer stuck with a language that only has one word meaning erection. Life would soon become so boring for all concerned. With English, the current in-word is enhancement. This manages the capture the idea you can take something relatively ordinary and, with a little help, make it extraordinary. The usual hook for all these magic products, whether they come as pills, liquids or creams, is that they transform a man into a sexual stallion who will be able to keep a woman satisfied the whole night through (and then some if she’s not physically damaged). They are always described as natural. It’s strange how we are supposed to trust something more because it’s made out of grasses, berries, cactus and roots ground together, and doubt anything with artificial chemicals inside. But you will always see lists of Latin names for different plants and extracts, impressing us with the magic of names and labels. The final preparation will be shipped to us at high price but, we are assured, results are guaranteed.

Well, one of the happier tasks entrusted to the FDA is to monitor and control the way these products are marketed and sold. A dedicated team of researchers slaves away in laboratories, identifying all the ingredients and ensuring everything is as described on the label and not in the least bit dangerous for us to take. If the FDA finds a product misdescribed, it can instruct the manufacturer to change its ads. If the product is unsafe, it will be withdrawn from the market. Which brings us to Stiff Nights – a dietary supplement that, through its name and the advertizing copy, suggested it had magical properties in the bedroom. Those lab people have prodded and tweaked all the molecules in Stiff Nights and emerged with a list of all the ingredients. First, though, a slight diversion from the main thrust of this article. A question: did Stiff Nights work? Remarkably it did. In fact, users were impressed their sexual performance was very definitely enhanced. They kept ordering more. Why? Because the main ingredient identified by the FDA was sildenafil. For those of you not up with names, this is the generic name for viagra för kvinnor apoteket. Yes, those cunning manufacturers in Grand Rapids, Mich. were grinding up those little blue pills and mixing them in with all those natural, healthy plants and berries.

It’s a sad fact of life that some unscrupulous people will buy cheap sildenafil and sell it on as expensive enhancement pills. Ignoring the excessive profiteering what with sildenafil being so cheap and Stiff Nights being so expensive, this was actually dangerous. Here was a product described as “all natural”. Yet, if you took it at the same time as any other drug containing a nitrate or which reduced blood pressure, you could end up in your local emergency room. So the FDA has made the world safe for us yet again. The moral of this story? Never pay the high prices demanded by those who sell all natural dietary products to enhance your manhood. Buy cialis pris or its generic analog sildenafil and get a better result at a fraction the cost.