September 11, 2019

Social Anxiety Treatments

By admin

I suffered from Social anxiety for years so I can say that “I know how you feel”. There are a few natural general anxiety disorder treatments, but not as many that focus on social anxiety treatment. So don’t give up. I have written this article to let you in on some of the things I learned through the years. You may not know that social anxiety affect roughly fifteen million American in the US. This make social anxiety the 3rd largest mental health issue on the country. The problem is that social anxiety is not as understood as the other mental disorder in the medical profession today.

What you need to know about Social Anxiety: Most studies on social anxiety and anxiety with and social situations are insufficient. I have read that 90% of social anxiety sufferers are diagnosed incorrectly. They are sometimes diagnosed as clinically depressed, panic disorder, manic depression and sometimes even schizophrenia. This can be extremely harmful for the patient. It is quite common that a anxiety sufferer such as ourselves never find people who have the same problem. This makes us try and suppress the feelings and in turn adds to our problem progressing it worse and worse. Even is we can get ourselves to try and seek professional help, the patient more often than not ends up getting miss-diagnosed.

Secondary Social Anxiety Signs: The things to look out for with this social disorder is often the following: (nausea, excessive sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, heart racing and so on). These symptoms occur more frequently as the disorder progresses. There are secondary signs that should be adressed as soon as possible because if they are caught early on the illness is much easer to deal with and if fast enough you can even have your social anxiety cured. A rather different or even strange sign I have heard of is the fearing that if a body part such as your neck shows that people will stare and talk. Usually feeling like they are strange looking. The weird thing about the disorder is that we usually know that the anxiety and panic is irrational, yet we are fully afflicted with the effects. Deep down we understand that people are truly not as critical or judgmental as we make them out to be, but we can’t help ourselves from feeling this way.

What to do for social anxiety disorder: There are lots of “natural cures for anxiety” out there but many are just a hoax or a mild sedative at best. I suffered from social anxiety for roughly 7 years, researched day in and day out and even tried the psychiatric approach at one point, but nothing worked. I was doped up for a while on the leading pills but I git tired of feeling drugged and really the feelings never totally went away. The one thing I found that worked best for me so is called Panic Away. It really does take you by the hand and help you with your disease.